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December 11, 20126 years ago

Obnoxious-Shaper U-suck down, 11/16H!!!

US #30! Let's go Team Tyranny!!! Read more
December 7, 20126 years ago

The Best Fight Of MoP Thusfar

Tier 14 has 16 fights in it and as of tonight, 10 are behind us. Imperial Vizier Zor'lok is by far the best. 10/16H! Read more
November 29, 20126 years ago

One and done. 9/16 Heroic!

Heroic 25 Wind Lord Mel'jarak can't last through one night with us. US #27! That's two new heroics this week! Read more
November 28, 20126 years ago

Clearly, Garalon is Jesus.

Who comes back from the dead after you kill him? If you guessed Jesus you're only half right. It's actually Saint Garalon the Crusher. Tyranny killed Heroic Garalon 25 on 11/27/12. We swear to God. No really, that bug behind us shouldn't be there. Please ignore it. US #32. Read more
November 19, 20126 years ago

Shedding a little weight before Thanksgiving

Heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak 25 was an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party. We ran in! we ran out! We shuffled left! We grouped up! We spread! You get the picture... Read more
November 16, 20126 years ago

So how many Twin Emps are there exactly?

Heroic Will of the Emperor 25... an exercise in class stacking, tap dancing and running around like a nut. US# 35 tomb raiders! Server First Heroic 25! Read more
November 14, 20126 years ago

One Night Stand: World 2nd Terrace of Endless Spring.

So about last night... Team Tyranny plowed through Terrace, clearing it in about two hours. We wracked up two world firsts and two world seconds. Fear not! Read more
November 9, 20126 years ago

We have our own Constellation now.

Our 11 attempt victory over Heroic Elegon 25 earned us a lasting spot amongst the stars. Read more