Tyranny Beats The One Eyed Monster

Much to our pleasure we beat Durumu Harold 25H after getting our hand firmly around it. 9/13H

A lot has been said about this fight... how it was one of the most challenging of the tier, tuned with an extremely tight enrage. As it turns out, the word left out is fun. It is very fun to beat the one eyed monster.

The guild planned very carefully for this fight, ready to do what most other guilds did and wrap it around the weekend. Instead, after five hours of work, we killed him a full 30 seconds before enrage. A good strat can make or break a guilds effort. And as it turns out, we attacked this fight from all the right angles, and we came through marvelous.

Late-tier progression bosses lodged in the middle of an instance are always a scary thing, because as any guild leader can tell you, scheduling is one of the trickiest things in the guild, and its difficult to know when to move on if you're progressing in the middle of the instance and have heroics to do after it. But not this time. We avoided the trap. I'm extremely proud of how every member of Tyranny did this week. Well done, everyone!

Fullsize Kill Image