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About us:

Founded in late 2006, Tyranny has progression raided the latest content at continuous Top US 100 ranks since Burning Crusade launch. Our philosophy is to build a true team that progresses rapidly and achieves as high US ranking as we can, while having a tremendous amount of fun. We have long balanced a mature, goal-oriented progression environment with a vibrant community. Tyranny's long history of success is due to the collective dedication of countless raiders past and present. We recruit people who share this team-centric philosophy and are excited about raiding.

If you like to:

  • kill hard bosses
  • play with extremely competent players
  • be part of a long term stable guild whose success is measured in twenty US top 100 finishes over a decade
  • be part a strong community in and out of game
  • be part of a very organized and strategic raid team

  • ...then we are the guild for you.

    We are far more than your average, flash in the pan World of Warcraft raiding guild. Raiding here means consistency, security, success and satisfaction. We are and have long been a sanctuary for serious minded, team oriented and friendly raiders, far away from the instability of the broader raiding community.

    Raid Hours:

    Progression Hours: 8pm - 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (3 days, 12 hours).

    After Progression: Usually just Tuesday/Wednesday. Optional or off other nights.

    Recruitment Process:

    Once you submit your app (click here) it will be posted to a private channel on our discord.

    After your app is posted, we'll review it and reach out to you via a friend request on BNet or Discord where we will arrange an interview.

    If you have any questions or interest in Tyranny, please contact any Officer in-game.


    Read Recruitment FAQ


    To submit an application to Tyranny

    Click Here