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February 28, 20212 years ago

Mythic Sire Denathrius.... staked!

US 71! A solid start to a good expansion and a good tier! Read more
April 9, 20203 years ago

Mythic N'Zoth down! The Battle For Azeroth is over!

US 67! Another strong finish to another expac for Tyranny! It was a long road with a lot of unexpected twists and turns but we got it done! Read more
March 8, 20203 years ago

We cracked the Carapace!

Mythic Carapace goes down! Also this Coronavirus thing is gonna be a problem, ain't it? Read more
February 27, 20203 years ago

Perhaps worst progression fight in 3 years

Not particularly hard, but the no-dispel strat made it 6 minutes of nothing and just wrecked a great fight. US 63! Read more
February 20, 20203 years ago

Mythic Ra-den down! US 45!

One of the best fights of the expac dies in a minimal number of pulls thanks to excellent prep! Big win for us! Read more
February 13, 20203 years ago

Tentacle Porn

There are as many ways to kill Mythic Drest'agath as there are tentacles. US 35! Great job team! Read more
January 30, 20203 years ago


The birth of a meme. US#23 Hivemind dead. But shoulda done better on it. Read more
January 28, 20203 years ago

Mythic Maut and the art of not killing yourself.

A really cool fight that we executed excellently! US 21! Night one off to a great start! Read more