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Latest News

May 18, 20191 year ago

Massive Media Update!

Our Youtube Page just got it's biggest update in age. Read more
April 1, 20191 year ago

Mythic Jaina Defeated, US 66th!

Battle of Dazar'alor clear! 9/9M! Another Top 100 finish to our belt! Read more
February 25, 20191 year ago

Stormwall Bukkake

For us, this wasn't a sticky affair whatsoever. Mythic Stormwall Blockade defeated! 8/9M! On our way to Jaina! Read more
February 14, 20191 year ago

Go Fuck Yourself, Ion Hazzikostas.

The kill picture is a metaphor set up the careless imbecile who allegedly manages this game. Mythic Mekkatorque 7/9M! Read more
February 8, 20191 year ago

It's Game of Thrones and Rastakhan's Last Season

We've lost track of how many kings we've killed over the years. Mythic King Rastakhan dead! 6/9M! Read more
February 6, 20191 year ago

Now We Know What Goomba Feels Like (Not that it stopped us!)

We cleaned Mythic Conclave's clock while barely breaking a sweat. Also fuck frogs. 5/9M! Read more
February 4, 20191 year ago

Shattered Hand Workers Party triumphs over the God of Capitalism.

The petty bourgeoisie will be ground to dust as we spread the revolution to the four corners of Azeroth. Opulence destroyed! 4/9M! For the motherland! Read more
February 1, 20191 year ago

Just Video Game The Fuck Out Of It

Tyranny learned everything it knows in the LA Arcade scene, circa 2000. Jadefire Masters down, 3/9M. K.O!!!! Read more