Mythic N'Zoth down! The Battle For Azeroth is over!

US 67! Another strong finish to another expac for Tyranny! It was a long road with a lot of unexpected twists and turns but we got it done!
I'm writing this a bit later than I normally do for these posts. BFA was a strange expac for the game and the guild and we needed some distance to look back on it.

We finished the tiers this expac something like
  • Uldir - US 134
  • Battle of Daza'alor - US 66
  • Azshara's Eternal Palace - US 52
  • Ny'alotha - US 67

  • So after an extremely rocky start (bad luck), it was a very consistent expac. As the content got harder we built a guild that rose to the challenge to do it. And meanwhile BFA just had a lot of not very great content in it. The raiding was generally great. But the systems were bad and gameplay was like a straight jacket at times. Nobody will miss BFA. It's odd to say 'we were consistently excellent in a game that got more competitive than ever but had a lot of problems as a game."

    We're glad this tier is over. Our ranks were all over the place. Some of that was our fault. Some of it wasn't. Strafe's nephew arrives a month early and he had to go away unexpectedly for 3 weeks at the start of prog. Various other family crises happened. The start of the Coronavirus pandemic hit us hard in March/April. We did a few too many pulls on N'zoth (350... probably 100 more than we wanted) but we spent over a week and a half playing musical chairs as people on our roster who work in Healthcare of the Military had to go to work. It was just the hand we got dealt and we made it work. With N'zoth behind us, we entered a strong rebuilding period and came out on the other end better than ever. Our team is primed for Shadowlands.

    We did a LOT of great work this tier. But I think we all wanted more. But that's just how things work out sometimes, like for any sports team. It's about making the best showing you can. We made a strong showing. Should have been stronger, but there was a lot of excellent accomplishment along the way. And our players worked damned hard to do it!

    We wanted to hit Top 50 in Nyalotha. We did much of the raid at that, but really lost it a little bit on N'zoth, but more so through some challenging reclears that burned time. It's just that competitive to do that, but I'm confident that we'll be able to achieve it next time around. US 67 is nothing to sneeze at either, especially given Coronavirus rippling across the world.

    Nya'lotha was a difficult tier at an unprecedented time for the guild. But we performed admirably through everything and our rank is a testament to our tenacity as a team. I look forward to doing even better, in a better game, in Shadowlands! Congratulations Tyranny on completing another expac and thank you to all the raiders who played a role in our success along the way this entire expansion. I hope to see you all, past and present, in the next expansion!

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