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Posted in: Legendary
March 10, 201211 years ago

Woman on Top

Tyranny, an equal opportunity employer. Except if you're from Switzerland. We don't serve your kind here.

Sooooo....Grats to Laodead on her Legendary Staff! LONG time coming, and hard earned over the last two tiers. Read more
February 10, 201211 years ago

A World Saved... A Mission Successful... A Name Redeemed!

8/8 Heroic and US#37. Let's take a second to look at that. After an absolutely stunning two months, where 8 demanding and technical fights as have ever been put in the game were killed at higher ranks in less time than ever before... where the guild faced the challenges of the holidays and new work schedules Read more
February 3, 201211 years ago

So about that needing a dozen mages thing...

World of Warcraft is a game where people spew bullshit regularly. The stuff we heard about Spine of Deathwing was a new peak for it though... that you NEED 7-10 mages and 5 rogues. You NEED a Feral Druid. You NEED to have this many healers of this comp. You NEED to do this thing this way. That you NEED to use Read more
Posted in: Progression
January 14, 201211 years ago

6/8 Heroic, thanks to the Picard Maneuver

Captain's Log, Stardate 20121.12.
An unidentified distress signal has led the Starship Tyranny to the discovery of a strange flying boat filled with what we thought were hostile Romulans orbiting Galorndon Core, a Federation planet. Unfortunately we later discovered they were not Read more
Posted in: Progression
December 30, 201111 years ago


Yes, that's our man John Madden feasting on Ultraxion's decapitated head! Because honestly, this guild has never had higher DPS than it has now, or tighter heals, or smarter players... and we pulled out all the stops... and I DO mean ALL the stops Read more
December 17, 201111 years ago


Boy have we been busy! Let us get to it. So last week (the first week of heroic content), we killed two heroic boss... Morchok (obviously, see below) and Zon'ozz. He's pretty much one of the most ridiculous non-end of tier fights we've done in ages. Good god does Blizzard really try to stretch every raiding muscle. Anyway, US #16 kill of one ridiculous encounter. Read more