February 3, 2012 Posted by admin in Legendary, Progression

So about that needing a dozen mages thing...

World of Warcraft is a game where people spew bullshit regularly. The stuff we heard about Spine of Deathwing was a new peak for it though... that you NEED 7-10 mages and 5 rogues. You NEED a Feral Druid. You NEED to have this many healers of this comp. You NEED to do this thing this way. That you NEED to use your CDs this way. Yeah that's all crap. People outside this guild run their mouth like nothing else. We had none of that, developed largely our own, better strat (with some helpful tips by friends of the guild) and Spine of Deathwing is now another notch our our belt, pushing us 7/8 Heroic and US#33. Why? Because Team Tyranny showed and and fuckin' played and used their brains and did what worked for us!

I do want to say that every member of Tyranny went above and beyond their normal awesomeness on this fight. People were very willing to go with raid extending, with playing mage alts (for a while), sharing alts, gearing alts, coming in, rotating out and sitting. This fight was a test of the guilds cohesiveness if nothing else, and damn, did we come through. Everyone saw several dozen of attempts on this thing, and the final shape of the strat and kill was in flux really until the hour we killed it. All that's left in Cataclysm is Madness.... and with an hour of work we're already on third platform.

Also late congratulations to Romanko on his Legendary Staff! Long time coming man! Very well earned!