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Posted in: Beta, Launch, Progression
September 24, 20126 years ago

9 Month's Later, Blizzard Gives Birth to Panda Demonspawn

And boy do we have fancy clothes! Tonight is a night 9 months in the making! Tonight 37 raiders will be making an aggressive push to 90 as Tyranny begins its fourth expansion and tenth raiding tier! Read more
Posted in: Giveaway
August 24, 20126 years ago

Free Game Time Giveaway! [Closed]

We're happy to present to you our new and improved website we have secretly been working on launching before the release of MoP. This website will be our new home for years to come, and we welcome you all inside in hopes that you'll join us for the ride! Read more
Posted in: Beta
August 11, 20126 years ago

Together, we can rule the galaxy

Oh hey... didn't see you there! So it's what... Dragon Soul week 26? Something like that right? NOPE! Wrong! It's Mists of Pandaria 25-Man Beta Testing week 1! And Tyranny was out in force! Read more
Posted in: Legendary
June 2, 20126 years ago

Legendary Raiders... Daggers and Staffs go to Deadly Folk

Over the last three and a half months, oranges have happened... a lot. First up was Vlade's guild first Fangs of the Father back on February 29th. Congrats Vlade! It's fitting that one of the smartest, most reliable, most gifted raiders we've had the fortune of playing with since Ulduar get the weapons he deserves! Read more

Posted in: Achievements
June 1, 20126 years ago

How To Train Your Dragon

Back in early April we took a (long planned) week and wrapped up SERVER FIRST GLORY OF THE DRAGON SOUL RAIDER capping our list of Dragon Soul achievements. The first half of our raiders got theirs when we activated Kalecgos first that week, and the second half when we activated Nozdormu first (on Heroic Read more
Posted in: Legendary
March 10, 20127 years ago

Woman on Top

Tyranny, an equal opportunity employer. Except if you're from Switzerland. We don't serve your kind here.

Sooooo....Grats to Laodead on her Legendary Staff! LONG time coming, and hard earned over the last two tiers. Read more
February 10, 20127 years ago

A World Saved... A Mission Successful... A Name Redeemed!

8/8 Heroic and US#37. Let's take a second to look at that. After an absolutely stunning two months, where 8 demanding and technical fights as have ever been put in the game were killed at higher ranks in less time than ever before... where the guild faced the challenges of the holidays and new work schedules Read more
February 3, 20127 years ago

So about that needing a dozen mages thing...

World of Warcraft is a game where people spew bullshit regularly. The stuff we heard about Spine of Deathwing was a new peak for it though... that you NEED 7-10 mages and 5 rogues. You NEED a Feral Druid. You NEED to have this many healers of this comp. You NEED to do this thing this way. That you NEED to use Read more