November 1, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heart of Fear, Normal Modes, Progression, Tier 14

US #16 Wind Lord Mel'Jark. Stunned? NO FOR FUCKS SAKE DON'T STUN!!!

Heart of Fear day 2 continued on with another big kill: Wind Lord Mel'jarak, a kinder, gentler version of a progression cockblock from the not-to-distant future

This boss gets the award for the most subtle boss to date in Heart of Fear because there is about three ways to kill it (with there being lots of kills after us, by Thursday), and the difference between the ways is measured in minutes. How to make that up though... that's the trick. Fun fight with a lot going on. Special props to our CCers for some really quick reaction times and Echo for exquisite Phase 2 cooldown coordination.

By the way, Death Coil counts as a form of CC. Just sayin. =(

Fullsize Kill Image