November 2, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heart of Fear, Normal Modes, Progression, Tier 14

Ambershaper Un'sok melts in 11 attempts. US# 23. Paranoia Pays off.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok made us ridiculously paranoid before hand, enough that we warned the guild a week in advance: on beta this guy was no-joke.

You'd think this would be a DPS fight. It's not. It's a gimmick with a side of boss. If it were a Happy Meal, the Mutated Construct would be the kid-sized hamburger, the Amber Monstrosity would be the fries and the boss himself would be the pack in toy... although I think most parents would object to a dead bug. You could get so lost playing with the toy and munching on the fries, you forget about the Hamburger. What am I the only one who orders Happy Meals? Shut up.

Anyway. We did this dude during the Beta on Normal and LFR. On Beta over complicated it and got lost in Mutated Construct mechanics during Normal Mode testing, and we made progress, but he beat the crap out of us. It made us paranoid that if we were gonna get stuck on something dumb, it would be this. It had "stupid trap" written all over it. We went into tonight with the understanding that yes, if we wanted to, we could spend four hours getting lost in the debuff/mob control labyrinth when its really FAR easier than that.

After 11 attempts, the boss dies. US #23 kill with like 45 seconds left on enrage. Preparation paid off big time. The guild is very proud of how we did on it. We turned a problem into an opportunity. Congrats Team Tyranny!

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