November 16, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heroic Modes, Progression, Tier 14

So how many Twin Emps are there exactly?

Heroic Will of the Emperor 25... an exercise in class stacking, tap dancing and running around like a nut. US# 35 tomb raiders! Server First Heroic 25!

Congratulations everyone! We got this fight really fast honestly... something like 35 attempts and two nights total on it. Mechanically its simple. But it requires precise exectuon. Oh I'm sorry, did I say precise execution? I meant to say it requires the Boss mobs to not decide to do two Devastating Strikes at once, thus hitting a massive 360 degree arc around them!

Irritating bugs aside, it was a very satisfying kill a long time coming (looking at you Spirit Kings and HoF/ToES launch). It's one of the most compartmentalized fights in recent memory. The tanks and melee squad were tap-dancing champions, bringing the boss down faster on our kill than any attempt prior. The ranged squad kept Strengths and Courages suppressed with time to spare. And the Mage / DK squad corralled the rages expertly. They didn't flitch. It's worth mentioning Vlade got on his Mage to help with that part of the fight and he and Raz coordinated CC and "Rage Resets" supremely well, along with Chaostiger, Staxx, Raven and Dephness. Excellent job to everyone involved.

We're now 6/16 Heroic 25 and starting Heroic Heart of Fear on Sunday. We look forward to bugs of a different sort (har har I'm funny). Congrats Team Tyranny!

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