One Night Stand: World 2nd Terrace of Endless Spring.

So about last night... Team Tyranny plowed through Terrace, clearing it in about two hours. We wracked up two world firsts and two world seconds. Fear not!

To start off the night, we did 25 Normal Elite Mode of Protectors of the Endless, which begged the question... if this is Elite mode, what's Normal mode?! I'm sure I'm going to regret that jest oh so horribly on heroic, but in the mean time, we two shot these guys to a World First. Great movement, tanks!

Next up was Tsulong. This guy was kinda a joke on Beta. We killed him and were standing around there. So it was a pleasant surprise when he turned out to be not be a pushover! Still, it only took a few attempts, but he went down fast to another World First. Excellent job healing team.

Soon after we paid a visit to Maggie Simpson Lei Shi. We did this boss on Beta LFR and it felt generally similar to to Live Normal scaled as it was. Extremely fun fight... and we foresee this being a nightmare of a fight on Heroic. Aside from touchy add-CC and some pretty crazy tank damage, this fight was very controlled. Great job pushing out that kill everyone. World 2nd kill!

And then here we were... at last we came to it... the final encounter of 25 man Normal Mode: the Sha of Fear. We must admit... we were somewhat legitimately fearful of this boss. We raid 4 days a week, we have progression goals and a schedule to keep. We needed to get this guy down and move on into Mogu'shan for Heroic Will of the Emperor. The unknown can be scary, and what we knew about Sha of Fear, we had much to be concerned about. We tested him on Normal 25 player on Beta... and it was nasty. We got trucked. DPS couldn't kill platforms. We fell behind on adds on the main platforms and we ran out of tanks. On Beta, it was a mess, made better only by the fact that it seemed every other guild testing was getting creamed just as much (and no one killed it). So we had much to be concerned about... we didn't want to spend days cracking this nut if indeed he turned out to be the same as beta.

And he was the same. They changed nothing. But in six attempts, we killed him anyway and got World Second.

Maybe it was better players. Maybe it was comfort with MoP abilities. Maybe it was prep. Maybe it was gear. It was probably all the above. But we didn't "get stuck" on platform damage and add collection. It gelled together extremely nicely, and down Sha of Fear went. Truly, we had nothing to fear but fear itself.

It is worth noting that for a short period of time we had Manaflask-accredited World First on this. Bu it was not to be, and we were eeked out by another. World Second is pretty great, even if its normals. Alas, we'll always have World First Razorscale.