November 9, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heroic Modes, Mogushan Vaults, Progression, Tier 14

We have our own Constellation now.

Our 11 attempt victory over Heroic Elegon 25 earned us a lasting spot amongst the stars.

Just remember when you look up at the sky during the night... Tyranny is looking over you! We swear to god. Doctor Tyson discovered it. Special thanks to Lao and Foolish for un-fucking our spark team breakdown! Excellent work everyone! By the way, our kill for this was way lower ranked than Spirit Kings, because unlike a lot of guilds, we decided, in our parlance, "to do our Taxes first". Either pay now or pay later. We decided to pay now.

5/16H... one more encounter left in Mogu'shan Vaults!

Fullsize Kill Image
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