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January 28, 20203 years ago

PTR Normal Mode Skitra was harder than Mythic Skitra.

"When in doubt, nerf it through the ground". WTF did they do to this poor fight, lol. Read more
January 28, 20203 years ago

Wrathion dies. Are you surprised?

Ny'alotha begins with quite the first fight! Read more
September 29, 20193 years ago

Mythic Queen Azshara down! US 52!

Our best finish in several tiers, an innovative strategy and excellent play carried the day! Read more
August 20, 20193 years ago

Mythic Za'qul is cool.

Probably the best fight of the expac? Didn't take many pulls either! Read more
August 15, 20193 years ago

Mythic Queen's Court is out of session.

We killed the Metroid boss too, but forgot to take a picture.>.> Read more
July 25, 20193 years ago

Mythic Lady Ashvane

Big booty bitch goes down hard! Read more
July 16, 20193 years ago

Mythic Radiance of Azshara down!

We 19 manned it. Remember to summon everyone before you pull! Read more
July 16, 20193 years ago

Mythic Abyssal Commander dead

Azshara's Eternal Palace begins! Read more