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September 23, 20184 years ago


We kept the AIDS jokes to a minimum because we're a mature group of people who would never joke about that. 4/8M. Read more
September 17, 20184 years ago

Starship Troopers

Finally a good fight! 3/8M! Enlist Today! Read more
September 12, 20184 years ago

Strafe's Stygian Hell

Counting to 16 dozens of times because of illiterate Blizzard devs. 2/8M. Read more
September 11, 20184 years ago

We Forgot To Take Picture

And Blizzard Forgot to Make a Boss Fight. 1/8M. Read more
January 23, 20185 years ago

Everything Exploded and/or is on Fire.

Epic server failures, a government shut down, and Mythic Aggramar down (10/11M), all in one week! Oh whatever Read more
December 28, 20175 years ago

Never Forget 9/11M

Killing Mythic Coven was an inside (the safe zone) job. 9/11M to end 2017! Read more
December 19, 20175 years ago

The Clock Strikes Midnight and We Get Our Second First Kill of the Day!

Sometimes I think we should rename our guild "Last Pull". Varimathras staked. 8/11M! Read more
December 19, 20175 years ago

Word of Advice: Balls Matter.

We dodged shit well. Mythic Kin'garoth dead! 7/11M! Read more