December 19, 2017 Posted by teamtyranny in Legion, Mythic Modes, Progression, Tier 21

The Clock Strikes Midnight and We Get Our Second First Kill of the Day!

Sometimes I think we should rename our guild "Last Pull". Varimathras staked. 8/11M!

After wrapping up our first kill on Kin'gaorth, we had one goal: kill Varimathras before the end of raid. Go into the new raid week and Christmas at 8/11M.

We succeeded in this goal.

Special recognition to:
-Ryure for being the soak!
-Lounani, Waffle and Tulani for three healing the hell out of this.
-Despellz, Rawlee and Bulibard for epic add killing. Seriously check this out:

Also thanks to Newty for the last minute 3 heal idea after a tough enrage wipe. Only took a couple more pulls though! As Patchwerk fights go, this is a pretty sweet one! Did expect it to be more of a monster though. Another perfectly tuned fight.

Congratulations everyone on an excellent, excellent way to end the raid week!

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