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May 13, 20135 years ago

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

*Terrorist Fist Bump* aaaannndddd.... the Twin Consorts die. 10/13H! Read more
May 3, 20135 years ago

Tyranny Beats The One Eyed Monster

Much to our pleasure we beat Durumu Harold 25H after getting our hand firmly around it. 9/13H Read more
April 29, 20135 years ago

Summer Blockbuster Season starts with Iron Qon 2.

Iron Qon 25H and his three dogs take a repulsor blast to the face, courtesy of Team Tyranny. 8/13H! Kind of ironic considering this fight is melee heaven. Read more
April 25, 20136 years ago

Evolve or Die!

We put on our lizard suits and drowned Primordus in his own blood. 7/13H! Read more
April 11, 20136 years ago

Ji'kun has nothing on the Tyranny Air Assault Corps and the F-39 Hovercat

Ji'kun 25H down in the biggest air to air combat since the Battle of Britain. 6/13H! Read more
April 10, 20136 years ago

On the Topic of the Council of Elders, the Small Council says...

... a lot of largely untrue shit is said about this fight. Very cool encounter. Council of Elders 25H down!. 5/13H! Read more
March 29, 20136 years ago

Ride the Tyranny Slip-n-slide and cut off Bam Margera's head!

The last head was truly the worst. Maegera 25H and a talentless manchild have been slain. 4/13H! Read more
March 25, 20136 years ago

The unlikely intersection of World of Warcraft, Turtles, Soccer and Bukkake.

The parts did fit. Heroic Tortos 25 couldn't handle Tyranny. 3/12H, and our second heroic this week. Read more