Like Jesus, Progression made a comeback on Easter Sunday. 9/10M!

We're very proud of the guild over this one. We did it very quickly... four full nights I think. And we kept on a very positive progression curve the entire time and really made the most of every attempt. The last hour of attempts in particular we really hit our groove. People really gave it their all, and the results show: we're back in the Top 100, and very much on the rise! And once again this tier, last pull of the night, the guild hit it out of the part with a kill so silky smooth, you'd swear you were eating a chocolate Easter egg filled with caramel rather than engaging in a 10 minute grind!

It's been a long haul and a tier filled with truly an incredibly amount of hard work put into it. We got a lot to be proud of, and one more big fight ahead of us! Blackhand, here we come!

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