April 8, 2015 Posted by teamtyranny in Warlords of Draenor

Our Friend, Vraine aka Billy Frank.

You were a rarest of people, Billy. We were lucky to have been able to call you our friend.

When recruiting for a guild, truth be told, the best you hope for is a competent person with a good attitude that can push the guild forward and be a positive force in it. In Vraine aka Billy Frank we got much more than we could have ever dreamed. We got someone who was brilliant, energetic, loyal, kind beyond reckoning, inquisitive and honest. He had no vices and truly only goodness in his heart.

He wanted to understand the "why" in everything and would sit with us for hours to understand new things about the game, the guild, space, technology, and most recently computers... he was so proud of the one he just built, no expense spared. He thought it would be the start of a new hobby and wanted to go all the way. His was a soul constantly in motion, always seeking to grow and do more and do better.

As a Resto Shaman he was among the most gifted this guild has seen in it's long history. But that was a bonus. As a person... getting to know him over the past nine months he was a part of our lives was to get to know a extremely rare kind of person. He made friends quickly- you wanted to be his friend. He made all our lives better. His passing is a hole in it not soon filled. A kid so young and so smart... he deserved better.

His extended Tyranny family grieves. Our thoughts are with his friend and family in this unspeakably difficult time.

Goodbye friend. We hope somewhere, out there, you've found the peace you deserve. Thank you for your life.

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