January 23, 2018 Posted by teamtyranny in Legion, Mythic Modes, Progression, Tier 21

Everything Exploded and/or is on Fire.

Epic server failures, a government shut down, and Mythic Aggramar down (10/11M), all in one week! Oh whatever Blizzard...lol

So uhhh that was something.

We were a little slow getting started on Mythic Aggramar, wrapping up the Holidays and all that. We missed a couple of things, but we pulled it togther. We really refined our strat in this surprisingly touchy, super controlled fight. A lot of great work was done by many, many people (particularly Scandraya, who was add-grip controller). We had all our ducks in a row and were getting consistent deep P3s. We had a little bit more work to do to fine tune it, but it was getting to the point we had to take the ball and run with it.

And then Blizzard decided to push 7.3.5, after 2 days of Release Candidacy for the patch, and unlike anything in the last 10 years for a minor patch, actually broke their game.

I mean nothing worked. It was playable, only through living through 5 FPS and hoping mechanics went out. Somehow, we managed to get through Kingaroth like this.

Then Wednesday? Unplayable. Cancelled raid. Thursday? Same thing. As of Sunday at 8pm, we had due to this nonsense, 7/11M bosses dead in our reclear, with 4 hours left to our raid schedule. It would take about an hour to do Varimathras and Coven (which we did), which would give us three hours to down Aggramar... after not seeing him for a week. Oh and the US Federal Government shut down. Because life has to stay interesting.

That Sunday we got deep pull after deep pull after deep pull. But we were too strapped for time. The guild resolved, because people here want to win, to come in Monday, at 9:30. Monday isn't a raid day for us, but having been screwed this week, the guild made the s acrifice. 90 minutes later, the boss was dead at last.

Aggramar was something of a saga for Tyranny. We made some bad choices. We got a bad hand dealt to us. We didn't fix some problems early that we should have. But it was a stunningly challenging fight. The line between life and death is so narrow, that pull after pull, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is easy. It isn't. It's only easy through a lot of hard work at it. The last few raids, people played really superbly across the board, and we got it down in 8:21... a fast kill, and very clean. Congratluations everybody!

So what now? Argus. Another mountain to climb. But we're ready to finish the expansion and the tier on a high note. We got a great group and a great plan. We're ready to fly!

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