December 30, 2011 Posted by Juls in Progression


Yes, that's our man John Madden feasting on Ultraxion's decapitated head! Because honestly, this guild has never had higher DPS than it has now, or tighter heals, or smarter players... and we pulled out all the stops... and I DO mean ALL the stops, to scale this obscene mountain with 1.7 seconds to spare and losing only one person in the last half second of the fight. So Heroic Ultraxion died, pushing us to 5/8 Heroic and US#32. This after a heroic effort by the ENTIRETY of Team Tyranny during less than ideal raiding circumstances (the holidays) and on top of that, a 5 hour raid the night of the kill that the guild went with without complaint because they knew... just KNEW, we had it. This is a fantastic fight. You do it or you don't. No kiting around. No last second trickery to win. It took nights of work and a lot of heart ache and hard slogging by our entire crew, to get this son of a bitch where we wanted him, with a high DPS attempt with everyone up 6 minutes in. Damn, we just scaled one hell of a mountain. Congratulations Tyranny... crushing a fight like this is one hell of a way to end 2011. 🙂