December 17, 2011 Posted by Juls in Achievements, Progression


Boy have we been busy! Let us get to it. So last week (the first week of heroic content), we killed two heroic boss... Morchok (obviously, see below) and Zon'ozz. He's pretty much one of the most ridiculous non-end of tier fights we've done in ages. Good god does Blizzard really try to stretch every raiding muscle. Anyway, US #16 kill of one ridiculous encounter.

This week, after about a night of work we ripped into Yor'shaj. Slightly less of a ridiculous encounter compared to Zon'ozz, he was punctuated by pretty much continuous 10 minutes of "we're all going to die" moments where we prayed the next set of oozes didn't put us over a barrel. I think I exhaled so hard when we killed it I dislocated a rib. Good luck to everyone who did Hagara before these two bosses. You're in for a treat and a lot of wiping. Our kill was US#21!

Lastly, Thursday this week we finally got around to killing Hargara... you know after a good 60 or so other guilds. Sorry, we were busy doing tougher content first. Ranked kills first, purps second! The hardest part about the fight was finding where to stand at the start of frost phase. That makes us US 4/8 Heroic in 25-man after 2 raid weeks with a good hour of Heroic Ultraxion attempts already invested. This has been the strongest start Tyranny has ever had. Keep on pushing team!