April 29, 2013 Posted by teamtyranny in Heroic Modes, Throne of Thunder, Tier 15

Summer Blockbuster Season starts with Iron Qon 2.

Iron Qon 25H and his three dogs take a repulsor blast to the face, courtesy of Team Tyranny. 8/13H! Kind of ironic considering this fight is melee heaven.

Iron Qon Heroic was done in just a couple days... pretty straight forward really, but damn does he really hurt the raid at some points.

When we first encountered him on Normal Mode release week, we were kind of intimidated about what the Heroic Mode on him would look like. Having done it, I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable heroics this tier. It just had excellent pacing through and through. The more melee = better build of it was kinda constraining to comp, but it was a good change compared to the fights we faced recently.

Congratulations guild. We're just under three quarters done with the tier, with a series of big fights coming up. Things are about to get grueling, and hopefully just as fun as previous 8 have been!

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