Ji'kun has nothing on the Tyranny Air Assault Corps and the F-39 Hovercat

Ji'kun 25H down in the biggest air to air combat since the Battle of Britain. 6/13H!

This was a fucking cool encounter. The nest rotation inserted an fun and fast paced element that made this fight both simultaneously team and invidiual-centric. After an abortive attempt where the raid leader called every group, we just knighted a team leader, did the rotation right once, and got ourselves a hell of a kill. It wasn't even close enrage kill. It was overwhelming. It was like sending a dozen F-22s back to fight the Luftwaffe.

I didn't expect much from Ji'kun, but he's one of the biggest joys in the instance to play, and a fast kill for us, even though we decided to pay our taxes first, and do Council. Grats all. On to the second half of the instance! It's been a hell of a tier so far!

Fullsize Kill Image