On the Topic of the Council of Elders, the Small Council says...

... a lot of largely untrue shit is said about this fight. Very cool encounter. Council of Elders 25H down!. 5/13H!

The wow raiding community is pretty tight knit nowdays. People talk, people say things. Chinese whispers abound. It's like living in King's Landing, without the institutionalized prostitution (sadly?). But so many things people say about fights are about as grounded in reality as Game of Thrones itself. This fight, we heard a lot of scary things about.

It had its moments, but it really wasn't all too bad. Harder than the others? In it's own way. But a little bit of unconventional thinking and some very solid research made it a slam dunk. Listening to others is really not the way to go on this one. Very proud of what we did here, and a hell of a kill. Congrats team!

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