Clash of the Titans

Tyranny arm-wrestles Ra-den's three mechanics into the dirt. 13/13H! Heroic Throne of Thunder 25 clear!

Not much to say about Ra-den. Hardest part is the organization. Great job all around to everyone, especially putting up with a heartbreaking 0.5% wipe. We're probably one of the few guilds that solo-tanked it with a warrior, so that's something pretty neat. Grid-wise, the last 40% was a gigantic arm wrestling match.

Tier 15 is officially over. This is the 11th consecutive tier Tyranny has completed as a guild ranking highly and prior to new content coming out. It's July 2013 and it's been six and a half years since this guild started down this long path. These are the end bosses we have killed along the way.

  • Magtheridon
  • Lady Vashj / Kael'thas
  • Illidan / Archimonde
  • Kil'jaden
  • 3 Drake Sartharion / Immortal NAX
  • Yogg+0 / Algalon
  • Anub'arak in 50
  • Heroic Lich King
  • Sinestra
  • Heroic Ragnaros
  • Madness of Deathwing
  • Heroic Sha of Fear
  • Heroic Lei Shen / Ra-den

  • Every tier we enhance, build and learn new things about ourselves and our team. This tier we were faced with many new challenges, but it was no different. We won, yet again. Tyranny always wins. We win because of how hard 6 and a half years of Tyranny members work to keep this place thriving, vital and motivated.

    So here we are, enjoying our first true period of "farm" since Dragon Soul, looking forward to Tier 16, the Siege of Orgrimmar. It's incredibly exciting, and what we have planned we know that 11 Tiers later our guilds future is as bright as it has ever been and our opportunities, boundless!

    On to Garrosh!

    Fullsize Kill Image
    Unedited Kill Image