Ironic Punishment

Over 200 attempts later, Heroic Lei Shen 25, the most complex and demanding encounter has been fist-fucked by Team Tyranny! 12/13H!

Fights like Heroic Lei Shen 25 are rare. They come along from time to time, but there has only been been a few of them in the game. Heroic Rag, Heroic Lich King. Kil'jaden. Mega-encounters like these test every aspect of a raid and a guild's ability to succeed. Tanking, group coordination, movement, independent action, precise positioning, movement, dealing with SHITTY RNG, extremely tight timers and windows of opportunity... these are the ones to remember.

And Heroic Lei Shen was certainly one to remember.

We did it pretty damn fast, only in a few weeks, and within our attempt count target. But moreover we saw what the guild was made of as we dealt with some really awful hands and heartbreaks. The character of the guild comes out. It turns out it is made of really stern stuff.

  • We got to see our strategically smart side, such as our P1 and P2 movement plans.

  • We saw the talent of the guild as we obliterated DPS targets, 5 healed an extremely high damage encounter, and moved the boss through some of the tightest windows the game has to offer

  • We got to see our tough side - like our heart breaking 0.5%, 1.5% and 4% wipes. As Zivh exclaimed at the time "You're Fist Fucking Me... You're FIST FUCKING ME!".

  • We had people "spreading there asses to soak balls",putting up with a raid leader whose mouth goes faster than his brain, playing alt DKs (Colo!) just to help us win, upgrading all their gear with valor before Tuesdays rays, contributing to an incredibly deep conversation, and always stay positive.

  • We got to see our endurance... let's face it, Phase 1 and Transition 1 got old after a while and it took a calm demeanor and a good attitude from everyone to wipe on this for a few weeks straight with no reclears.

  • And we saw our patient side, as we kept dealing with this tough hands as the guild pressed on, always ready, always motivated to win. We never lost heart.

  • Fights like this are why Tyranny as a hardcore raiding guild exists. So congratulations to the guild on an very strong performance and be within one step of ending the tier!

    Heroic Lei Shen? This candle has been lit.

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