Robots, and the raiders who love them.

Robots... teleportation... energy management. Is this fight from the future? Dark Animus down, 11/13H!

I could say a lot about this fight... about how many contributions the entirety of our roster has made. About with the verve, aggressiveness and organization that we attacked this encounter. About the thoughtfulness people put into working out the angles of the fight and the selflessness people put up with when dealing with the quirks and comp of the fight. And of course with the immense BS that went on, like getting teleported through the floor or going through the room.

To summarize it all, I'll just leave you with this.

This was a big fight and we resoundingly won it. Congratulations on our 11th heroic of this tier Team Tyranny. Just Lei Shen Heroic and Ra-den on the horizon!

Fullsize Kill Image