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November 9, 201210 years ago

We have our own Constellation now.

Our 11 attempt victory over Heroic Elegon 25 earned us a lasting spot amongst the stars. Read more
November 8, 201210 years ago

Patience... the final frontier...

These are the voyages of the Starship Tyranny. It's 270 pull (note: not attempt) mission, to slay Spirit Kings 25 Heroic with Subetai spawning second. Read more
November 4, 201210 years ago

Royally Fucked

In just 12 tries, Empress Shek'zeer gives it up like a princess in an arranged royal marriage. Heart of Fear cleared. Read more
November 2, 201210 years ago

Ambershaper Un'sok melts in 11 attempts. US# 23. Paranoia Pays off.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok made us ridiculously paranoid before hand, enough that we warned the guild a week in advance: on beta this guy was no-joke. Read more
November 1, 201210 years ago

US #16 Wind Lord Mel'Jark. Stunned? NO FOR FUCKS SAKE DON'T STUN!!!

Heart of Fear day 2 continued on with another big kill: Wind Lord Mel'jarak, a kinder, gentler version of a progression cockblock from the not-to-distant future Read more
November 1, 201210 years ago

Keepin it cool with Johnny Rico!

Goin all Starship Troopers on Garalon. Third boss of Heart of Fear put up more of a fight, still turned into goo. Read more