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April 10, 20139 years ago

On the Topic of the Council of Elders, the Small Council says...

... a lot of largely untrue shit is said about this fight. Very cool encounter. Council of Elders 25H down!. 5/13H! Read more
March 29, 201310 years ago

Ride the Tyranny Slip-n-slide and cut off Bam Margera's head!

The last head was truly the worst. Maegera 25H and a talentless manchild have been slain. 4/13H! Read more
March 25, 201310 years ago

The unlikely intersection of World of Warcraft, Turtles, Soccer and Bukkake.

The parts did fit. Heroic Tortos 25 couldn't handle Tyranny. 3/12H, and our second heroic this week. Read more
March 21, 201310 years ago


We stuck it to the second boss of Heroic 25 Throne of Thunder before he could triple-penetrate us. Not like that you sick fucks. Read more
March 13, 201310 years ago

Groundhog Day, but with trolls.

So begins the next few months of raiding: Tier 15 Heroic Progression has commenced, Tyranny's 11th tier. With the death of Jin'rokh Heroic 25, we couldn't help escape the feeling that we'd been here before. Read more
March 11, 201310 years ago

Harnessing the storm like Benjamin-fuckin-Franklin.

We invoked the spirit of the real God of Thunder, and pushed 12/12N. Heroic's next week! Read more