Groundhog Day, but with trolls.

So begins the next few months of raiding: Tier 15 Heroic Progression has commenced, Tyranny's 11th tier. With the death of Jin'rokh Heroic 25, we couldn't help escape the feeling that we'd been here before.

A new tier is always rife with opportunities and possiblities. But after the year long gap between Dragonsoul kind of made everyone forget everything ever, and followed by the immense progression grind of Tier 14, it was in a way, refreshing to step back and realize: this is the start of the next stage, the new day... and you've been here before and you know how to do this. We know what to expect and how this works.

So thus begins Tier 15 Heroic progression. Jin'rokh went down quickly, but the most important thing we took away from it is that we don't know what challenges we'll face in the next 12 bosses (including Ra-den), but we know we'll face them down and thrive as we have every other tier. After all... trolls, dangerous pools of shit, cooldowns to pop, bosses that hit for eleventy billion. We've been here before and we won big. Because in the end, Tyranny always wins.

That is why this is our 11th Tier.

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