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Tonight's Forecast

Tonight's forecast will be fel warm with a little bit of rain of chaos towards the end.
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Latest News

April 8, 20153 months ago

Our Friend, Vraine aka Billy Frank.

You were a rarest of people, Billy. We were lucky to have been able to call you our friend. Read more
April 6, 20153 months ago


Like Jesus, Progression made a comeback on Easter Sunday. 9/10M! Read more
March 27, 20154 months ago

Iron Maidens is All Foreplay

8 Minutes of build up followed by 30 seconds of fun. Wat? 8/10M! Read more
March 19, 20154 months ago

We're Back on Track!

Right on schedule, we've steamed through another BRF Encounter. 7/10M! The Pun-ocalypse is upon us. Read more
March 12, 20154 months ago

A Tyranny Raider Always Pays Their Debts

Mythic Imperator Margok dead! Mythic Highmaul cleared! 7/7M and monkey swatted. Read more
November 12, 20148 months ago

The New Age of Tyranny

For one year we have prepared. And the time has come! Read more
August 9, 201411 months ago

Tyranny is Recruiting for WoD 20-man Mythic Progression!

Are you a Resto Shaman or Windwalker Monk? We want you! Read more
August 7, 201411 months ago

WoD Beta Testing... The Struggle Is Real.

HOLY CRAP NEW CONTENT. Very buggy, somewhat broken, incredibly fun new content! But new content just the same! Read more