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WoD Beta Testing... The Struggle is Real

Holy crap new content!!! And it's awesome!
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Sooo... We beat the game... again!

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Garrosh falls way down....

That's what he gets for being a dick. 14/14H!
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Tyranny takes advantage of the situation.
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SoO: 9/14 Heroic. We Rapin' Errrbody!!!

Tyranny's strongest push ever! US #15! 9 Heroic 25 Bosses down in 7 raid nights!
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Latest News

August 9, 20142 months ago

Tyranny is Recruiting for WoD 20-man Mythic Progression!

Are you a Resto Shaman or Windwalker Monk? We want you! Read more
August 7, 20142 months ago

WoD Beta Testing... The Struggle Is Real.

HOLY CRAP NEW CONTENT. Very buggy, somewhat broken, incredibly fun new content! But new content just the same! Read more
March 21, 20147 months ago

Buy Our Crap!

The Tyranny Marketplace has opened! Siege of Orgrimmar Sales have begun! Get your Garrosh mount today! Read more
November 27, 201311 months ago

14/14H. The Promise Fulfilled.

Heroic Garrosh 25 Defeated! US #19th! One year later, Tyranny exits MoP, our 4th expansion as a progression guild, stronger than ever before! Read more
October 7, 20131 year ago

Walking with Dinosaurs

Followed by terrified sprinting away from them. Read more
October 4, 20131 year ago


From D.C. to Orgrimmar, we're taking advantage of the situation and making off with national treasures! Read more
September 26, 20131 year ago

Siege of Orgrimmar 9/14H: We rapin' errbody!!!!

9 Heroic Bosses down in 7 raid nights. Booyah. US #15! Actual front page images shortly. Read more
July 8, 20131 year ago

Clash of the Titans

Tyranny arm-wrestles Ra-den's three mechanics into the dirt. 13/13H! Heroic Throne of Thunder 25 clear! Read more