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2 Hours Later, R.I.P. Big Bird

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Oh So That's Why He Died So Fast

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Cancer and Lollipops

This was so hard, yet so rewarding! 6/13M!
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Nickelodeon Ain't Got Shit on Kormrok!

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Latest News

August 10, 20154 days ago

2 Hours Later, Big Bird is No More

His terrorist ways are over! We're now 8/13M! Two new bosses down in one night! 3 in one lockout! Elmo's next! Read more
August 10, 20154 days ago

Oh so that's why he died so fast....

After we shook off being single mindedly focused on Gorefiend, Socrethar went down without a hitch! 7/13M! Over halfway there! And the first of two bosses in one night! Read more
August 6, 20158 days ago

Cancer and Lollipops.

Gorefiend is the most bipolar fight ever. It can be so awful, yet so unbelievable great. Hard fucking encounter behind us! 6/13M! Very proud! Read more
July 19, 201526 days ago

So there are actual Warlords on our Warlord of Draenor adventure, right?

At Last! An Actual Warlord of Draenor! And he's pretty awesome! But where's the rest?! 5/13M! Read more
July 16, 201529 days ago

This Was the Stupidiest Thing We've Done In Years.

When you raid as many years as we have, you occasionally come across an encounter that defies explanation on how it was allowed past testing... or how it functions... or what the devs were even thinking. This was one of those times. 4/13M and feeling trolled. Read more
July 9, 20151 month ago

Nickelodeon Ain't Got Shit on Kormrok

Best encounter of the tier so far is a blast from our mid-90s childhoods. Getting slimed on our way to 3/13M!! Read more
July 6, 20151 month ago

Robots, and the Raiders Who Love Them

We killed Fel Reaver's life partner. Much jumping on bombs and dodging of avoidable hazards! 2/13M! Read more
July 3, 20151 month ago

Tyranny... Fuck Yeah!

Besieging the badguys using some heavy firepower! 1/13M! Read more