So there are actual Warlords on our Warlord of Draenor adventure, right?

At Last! An Actual Warlord of Draenor! And he's pretty awesome! But where's the rest?! 5/13M!

Kilrogg is a pretty sweet fight. Well tuned. Interesting. Great pacing. Most importantly fun. It's a kind of reminder about the fact that of the actual Warlords of Draenor.

-Kargath was the first raid encounter in the entire expansion... for some reason.

-Ner'zhul dies in a 5-man... in this alternate reality he does not go on to become the Lich King. Talk about getting screwed.

- Durotan is a quest giver.

- Grom Hellscream apparently is all about Freedom and Liberty and all that stuff. Didn't see that one coming! That's like Atilla the Hun turning over a new leaf and becoming Thomas Jefferson.

-That Gul'dan fellow? He's the last boss of Tier 19... which is to say, the last boss of first tier (of 17 bosses) next expansion. He gets what's coming to him... in late 2016.

But you know, we did get Blackhand, who was incredible and hard. And we still have Killrogg. I like you Killrogg. More like you in the future.

Great job Tyranny, pulling this guy together very quickly. Onto the Gorefiend wall!

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