Cancer and Lollipops.

Gorefiend is the most bipolar fight ever. It can be so awful, yet so unbelievable great. Hard fucking encounter behind us! 6/13M! Very proud!

Gorefiend is an awesome fight. It front loads the difficulty. It is very unforgiving. It requires perfect execution.

It is also touchy as fuck and very VERY sensitive to even slight deviations from "what happened the attempt prior". Many, many attempts, last no more than 1:20, and you spend time trying to isolate the first domino. One common problem with us is that we did it with 3 boomkins and a DK, which meant our cleave had to be extremely carefully controlled. Perhaps more than your average guild.

What finally put us over? We updated our strat a little and got smarter about when we were sending people down. The result was spectacular. And the boss died 20 attempts or so later.

Gorefiend is such a funny fight. It is at times completely cancer-inducing to feel like you're spinning your wheels wiping at 1:20. But at the same time, real progress is made in 5 second intervals and when your guild gets it... it REALLY gets the the encounter and falls into a great groove. All in all, very oddly placed in the instance relative to whats around it, but extremely rewarding!

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