This Was the Stupidiest Thing We've Done In Years.

When you raid as many years as we have, you occasionally come across an encounter that defies explanation on how it was allowed past testing... or how it functions... or what the devs were even thinking. This was one of those times. 4/13M and feeling trolled.

Arij, Fr, Gwee, Jake, Pete, Lani and some others worked on how to interrupt and make the abilities line up like we like. After a while that is. We thought we had it like 6 times. The fight does whatever it wants through sorcery and witchcraft. Sometimes it worked at first. Sometimes it didn't. This wasn't WoW raiding. It was 20 of us sitting around while we tried to transmute lead into gold. This was throwing crap into a cauldron and seeing if we didn't die after tasting it. And sure enough our witches brew came out rather tasty and reliable after a bit of work. Until they change it. Again.

Seriously, this fight was like rolling two twenty-sided die and trying to get both 20s and holding onto them for dear life for 7 minutes. Quite fun.. once you get used to the fact that no... you in fact, don't control very much.

Glad it's done!

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