It's Game of Thrones and Rastakhan's Last Season

We've lost track of how many kings we've killed over the years. Mythic King Rastakhan dead! 6/9M!

Another pretty darn cool fight with some strange nuances on positioning. The two parts of prog were really settling on where to do Phase 1,2 and the live-side of Phase 3, and then settling on calibrating our DPS for a Phase 3 push. It's really interesting how things work. On Wednesday we were way, way off our DPS target. By a mile. We re-calibrated how we positioned things and had the raid move, and we increased our DPS by so much we had to stop, lest we push him into Phase 3 without 4 portals up (which will be annoying in farm I'm sure).

The Phase 3 is kind of a cheap trick downstairs, but the frantic Phase 4 burn makes up for it. Rastakhan's a long fight, and the "interesting" things don't really happen until the second half at this point, but those things are cool. Everyone played very well on this one again.

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