Now We Know What Goomba Feels Like (Not that it stopped us!)

We cleaned Mythic Conclave's clock while barely breaking a sweat. Also fuck frogs. 5/9M!

This is a good fight. It is a really, really good fight. Very tightly tuned. A lot of nuance. A full sprint with no waste what so ever. As we like to say, it's "all red meat". Every second of this fight you're doing something meaningful, and if you fall behind, it's over. So yeah, excellent mid-tier fight and the guild performed splendidly on it. It didn't take long at all. In fact, we got the boss to near a kill twice before we had some frog weirdness under the 2nd to last Paku we had to sort out. But once we got that, it was cleanly killed. Really one of the cleanest kills we've had all tier.

Conclave is the point at which our approach to progression this tier was really validated. Congratulations everybody!

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