February 14, 2019 Posted by teamtyranny in Battle for Azeroth, Mythic Modes, Progression, Tier 23

Go Fuck Yourself, Ion Hazzikostas.

The kill picture is a metaphor set up the careless imbecile who allegedly manages this game. Mythic Mekkatorque 7/9M!

Before we analyze the metaphor in the kill picture above, let's talk about the good. This fight actually has a lot to like about it, and although the last phase was a bit of a struggle, we did pretty well on it (US 51!) It's very non-trivial and we had to work hard to get our kill. The movement scheme as a group through all phases is cool. And objectively, the robot mechanic itself isn't a big deal for about 75% of people. We handled it really well. The buster->move->spread->shrink (so stop moving)->bomb->teleport etc is all really good. That's good stuff.

To even make it easier the guild even moved heaven and earth and got Arij's DK ready for this fight in less than 24 hours. On Thursday at midnight, it was level 110, untouched since Legion. By Tuesday at 11pm, it was over 400 ilvl, thanks to a lot of island carries, mythic+, two heroic / normal gear runs in that time. Truly, one of the most impressive things we've done as a guild in a long time. Special thanks to Despellz, Raz, Renn, Vlad and Rainbowsz for the help! That we even contemplated doing it on a monk is crazy in retrospect. We would have been up shits creek.

So really, great job everyone killing this. This is the hardest one we've done all tier to date (and probably hardest all expac except Jaina), and we had to jump through some absolutely ridiculous hoops to kill it. I often say how proud of I am of how we kill bosses. That is quintuply true of this one. So the cool Mega Man X stuff at the top of the kill picture? That's for you. It didn't take all that long (in terms of nights), and we had to really work our way around some crazy crap. We killed the reploid!

And now the bad. So lets analyze the metaphor in the kill picture.

That's Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of Warcraft and full-time bullshit artist, fucking himself with a ball gag in his mouth while a is pointed at his head. If he doesn't press the precise button that jams the robot dildo deep inside, the gun fires. And he can't say a word in the process.

That describes progression on this fight.

In case this somehow goes viral, Hazzikostas, you're a fucking asshole. For people who are extroverted, and are used to vocally taking charge of things, and aren't color blind or deaf, yeah, the robots are a cool mechanic. For the substantial number of people in our guild and in the wider Mythic raiding community who are deaf or somewhat introverted, or maybe (non-meme) dyslexic (which we don't have at the moment but have before). but are all the same among our and the community's finest raiders, you pretty much gave them the middle finger and said "figure it out, you're a Mythic raider right?" You did that to everyone in the wider community for something that, while challenging, is supposed to be fun, and it ticked them off, if the enormous thread at MMO-Champ didn't send you a hint. What are people supposed to do? Be born differently? A person can't reroll their genes, you careless imbecile. Our US 51 rank on it speaks to the tenacity and ingenuity of our raiders to jump over yoru latest, dumbest hurdle: making fight mechanics harder because who you are as a person. They never complained. I can't imagine it felt great. I know for a fact it was frustrating for some of my team.

Ya know, kind of like having a ball gag in your mouth, and a giant robot dildo in your ass, and a gun to your head. Get the metaphor now?

Fix your shit or step aside for someone who can if you're not up to the task. Stop getting softball questions and handjobs from Lore. We don't need to see your goddamn wordhole fire a bunch of disingenuous crap that nobody believes anyway. Get off the screen and 'the twitter' and 'the twitch', do your job, and go fucking be a manager, which means in this case to rein in your subordinates when they go off the reservation.

Speaking as a fellow software dev, let me just ask: are you a pro or not? Have a nice day.

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