Majestic As Fuck!

Well so much for the second floor. Mythic Xhul'horac sent to his awesome looking demise! 11/13M! Two more bosses in Mythic HFC! Wait... who drew the dolphin penis with the fire

Oh my goodness Xhul, you're so awesome looking. So many cool mechanics and interactions. Perfect execution = perfect kill, just as Mythic raiding should be. And sure enough, the first perfect attempt, boom. Boss dead. Congrats Tyranny!

Xhul is a fun little fight. It's pretty simple on the outset but has tons of little nuance about where to lay things and should happen by when. Very interesting and high intensity though. In the end, the fight is all about adds and controlling them... the Imps and the Void Friends specifically. They die on queue, things go swimmingly. They start throwing off hadokens and spawning purple fire, RIP attempt. At least this fight is a quick one! I'm very happy and proud the guild did the (much harder, much more demanding) Tyrant Velhari before Xhul though. Good choice on our part I think.

Special thanks to Juls and Thanada for reorganizing our strat after the first night and finding a far superior way.

All we got left is Mannoroth and Archimonde. We're 11/13 Mythic. This is a long tier without a doubt. It came out June 23rd and it's September 14th now. I think is how many bosses there are and how many times, with Split Runs, Alt Runs, the very graduated gearing and how many times the place has been cleared, it feels longer than it's actually been. But we're in a great spot! But we're back to US 79th and EXTREMELY well positioned to work our way up in the next two kills, which we got great plans and great comps for. Hopefully, we'll be done in October sometime and get ready for Legion. Let's finish strong Tyranny! Two hard fights ahead of us, but a great team to do it with.

Also Tyranny is recruiting! Come join our fun, hard working, 16 hour/week hardcore progression guild! Looking for any DPS who has is capable, motivated, and has a great attitude and mindset!

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