Outta our house, bitch!

We upgraded from our Chevy Cavalier to a sweet Camaro and ran over Tyrant Velhari. 10/13M! Halls of Tyranny reclaimed! Safety first!

Given that Tyranny is the awesome, invincible, immortal guild, it's not REALLY that surprising that this bitch who dared squat in OUR HOME was a little bit well... obnoxious. We got her though! We went through various vocabulary words for "playing safe" and just had to practice some the movement plan in Phase 3, and she went down cleanly and easily! Certainly the hardest and most demanding fight on the floor. But a decent nonetheless, at least in my opinion.

Very proud of the guild for working through he deep wipes, the very signficiant comp changes due to end of summer actitives (Grats Arij and Lani on completing their MASTERS DEGREES!!!!) , the frustration with melee-role on it and fine tuning it every step of he way. We got her number though, and in the end, it looked superb, and we're very excited for what's in store for us next!

Just remember though... don't be cavalier ! (trademark: Fr)

Also Tyranny is recruiting! Come join our fun, hard working, 16 hour/week hardcore progression guild! Looking for any DPS who has is capable, motivated, and has a great attitude and mindset!

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