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May 24, 20135 years ago

Robots, and the raiders who love them.

Robots... teleportation... energy management. Is this fight from the future? Dark Animus down, 11/13H! Read more
May 13, 20135 years ago

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

*Terrorist Fist Bump* aaaannndddd.... the Twin Consorts die. 10/13H! Read more
May 3, 20135 years ago

Tyranny Beats The One Eyed Monster

Much to our pleasure we beat Durumu Harold 25H after getting our hand firmly around it. 9/13H Read more
April 25, 20135 years ago

Evolve or Die!

We put on our lizard suits and drowned Primordus in his own blood. 7/13H! Read more
April 11, 20135 years ago

Ji'kun has nothing on the Tyranny Air Assault Corps and the F-39 Hovercat

Ji'kun 25H down in the biggest air to air combat since the Battle of Britain. 6/13H! Read more
April 10, 20135 years ago

On the Topic of the Council of Elders, the Small Council says...

... a lot of largely untrue shit is said about this fight. Very cool encounter. Council of Elders 25H down!. 5/13H! Read more