We broke his combos, but Grong had the last laugh

So where's the useful upgrades? Giant Gorilla dies after a minor strugglebus, and we're 2/9M.

Did pretty alright on this one. Could have gone better and lost a few hours we shouldn't have. We misunderstood the pacing of his combo mechanic relative to the damage from the goblin choppers and had to rejig it a bit. But once we put our thinking caps on and did that, he went down no sweat. Big step up from Champions of the light, and a pretty nutty fight for a 2nd boss of the tier. We 5 healed it (great job team!) but a lot of guilds 6 healed it. Very strange for boss #2, along with the tight enrage. But hey, it wasn't exactly Ursoc.

Funny thing though, all we got for our efforts was just a box filled with vials of Gorilla Semen. Some more upgrades for our raid would be nice, game!

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