Just Video Game The Fuck Out Of It

Tyranny learned everything it knows in the LA Arcade scene, circa 2000. Jadefire Masters down, 3/9M. K.O!!!!

After an unnecessary bump on Grong, we came back strong on Jadefire Masters. Really cool fight over all. I'm glad that we're horde and had the longer arena. It makes it a real "running" fight. You have to react to pretty quickly to everything and just go with what happens. In preparing for this fight, the combo (and the notion everyone would get it) was really intimidating at first from a raid planning point of view... but it turned out to be kind of a joke! And that gateway! So much for the maze!

When all's said and done though, we nailed this with minimal fuss, though with quite a bit of voodoo on how their energy bar actually works. On to the harder bosses!

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