August 11, 2012 Posted by admin in Beta

Together, we can rule the galaxy

Oh hey... didn't see you there! So it's what... Dragon Soul week 26? Something like that right? NOPE! Wrong! It's Mists of Pandaria 25-Man Beta Testing week 1! And Tyranny was out in force!

Over the last few weeks our team has been getting our guild ready for this moment and were we prepared! Our Beta guild (Tyranny) on Gilneas is Level 18, and most everyone who has a Beta Key is 90 and Tuesday night we got to work! After a few attempts we "killed" Garalon in Heart of Fear... I say killed because we called Wipe at 5% with the entire raid alive at the same time Blizzard disabled the boss. Then we went to Terrace of Endless Spring and downed Tsulong here in a few attempts (as seen above). Do you know how great it is to do? new content after the longest interval without a new raid in WoW's 7 year history? It was orgasmic. Really. Orgasmic. I went there.

So what does this sampler tell us about MoP raiding? It's going to be fucking awesome. DS had some seriously hard fights at 0% and 5%... but it was, how shall we say... stationary (likely due to Blizzard experimenting with making fights LFR friendly). These fights are the exact opposite of that. In fact, I don't think I've moved so much in two back to back fights since AQ40. I haven't been this excited about an expansion since TBC.

So Tyranny is here, and we're doing just great. MoP is on the horizon and our army is getting in order. Two fights in the bag, 12 to go, and the future looks very very bright!

Oh, and since we're recruiting as always, if you want to join us in our quest to be the top 16 hour a week guild in the US, apply today! We're recruiting everything. 🙂