June 2, 2012 Posted by admin in Legendary

Legendary Raiders... Daggers and Staffs go to Deadly Folk

Over the last three and a half months, oranges have happened... a lot. First up was Vlade's guild first Fangs of the Father back on February 29th. Congrats Vlade! It's fitting that one of the smartest, most reliable, most gifted raiders we've had the fortune of playing with since Ulduar get the weapons he deserves!

About a month after that Yuffy completed his set.He started building them before he joined Tyranny, but did the bulk of it here, and boy were we glad! Congratulations to you as well man! Truly you have far surpassed your namesake!

Most recently however, Furcouch was up to no good now that he completed his pair of legendary daggers! He's totally the fall guy for why you can't play Diablo 3. Seriously! Way to go! This completes the three primary sets we've built, and happily they've gone to three truly excellent rogues who are the backbone of our present and future!

But wait, there's more! Legendary Staffs may be from 4.2, but they're still BiS and we worked dilligently to get all our raiders them. And sure enough Dxe completed his. It's kind of criminal he got his this late considering what he can do with it, but boy did it go into the right hands now that it is finished! Congratulations!

Our boomkin Oltanya built his at about the same time as Dxe, in our twice (sometimes three time) weekly ten man Firelands, as we farmed the guild their Rag mounts. Sometimes they even drained the same bosses in the same run! But shortly after, our good thunderchicken completed his, truly topping off a a guild exercise that spanned dozens of rag kills, Fireland runs and many staffs. Congrats Olt! It was a long time coming. So here we are... 10 months and nine staffs!

This pretty much caps off Dragon Soul and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. We've done everything. We've farmed around three dozen Deathwing and Ragnaros mounts. We've built about a dozen legendaries. Now begins our preparation for Mists of Pandaria and a whole new world of raiding!