November 29, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heart of Fear, Heroic Modes, Progression, Tier 14

One and done. 9/16 Heroic!

Heroic 25 Wind Lord Mel'jarak can't last through one night with us. US #27! That's two new heroics this week! After Tuesday night's epic let down of Garalon coming back from the dead after being successfully killed on Heroic, those kindly wizard at Blizzard Customer support saw fit to fix our instance and allow us to progress further. We went in with one mission: take this guy down fast. Maximize our time this week for the next fight on our agenda. Remove him from the equation quickly. We are pleased to report considerable success. We had some shitty pulls, and some real winners too. But it was mostly towards pure execution after just 10 attempts. And by the end of the night, down went the guy who puts endless amounts of shit at your feet and makes lani, lao, olty and pals dispel like nuts. Very fun fight... a welcome change of pace from the frantic insanity of Ta'yak and Garalon being just different. Well done everyone! Now we has options! LOTS of options! In a way, its astonishing to think, MoP has been out two months and we're 9/16 Heroic. We have three more bosses in this instance, and seven in Terrace and we're done with this fascinating, demanding tier. These have been the most eventful two months in my five years running Tyranny. I'm looking forward to what challenges and surprises the next two months bring! Fullsize Kill Image
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