November 28, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heart of Fear, Heroic Modes, Progression, Tier 14

Clearly, Garalon is Jesus.

Who comes back from the dead after you kill him? If you guessed Jesus you're only half right. It's actually Saint Garalon the Crusher. Tyranny killed Heroic Garalon 25 on 11/27/12. We swear to God. No really, that bug behind us shouldn't be there. Please ignore it. US #32.

In a way it is somewhat fitting Wii U was released the other day, because today we got our own version of "Sorry! Your princess is in another Castle!". Stop me if you've heard this one before: You work really hard on something over a bunch of hours. You do really impressive work, and when the time is right, you crush it, and hit the ball out of the park. That was Garalon. We didn't just BEAT Garalon. We beat this piece of crap's enrage by 16 seconds. And down goes Heroic Boss #8...

Then World of Warcraft goes: "HA! FOOLED YOU!"

The instance we defeated Garalon, he despawns and takes our loot with him. That happened before (on Normal)... out but wait, there's more! He decides to Respawn right ahead of us! There are apparently many indentical copies of the big fat bug in this hive. Go figure.

Rage.................... well if you actually need proof, here, check our achievo.

We'll sort this out today... somehow... but nonethless, Heroic Garalon 25 is dead. Great work everyone! We went from some heartbreaking 0.5% HP wipes to giving us sufficient time to open a ticket, write "test your fucking game Blizzard", submit it, and then resume playing, all mid attempt.

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