September 29, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Launch

Mists of Pandaria Week 1: The Great Gear Grind

We planned for months for the MoP launch and in Week 1 we hit the new expansion with our strongest start ever: 8 Server First level 90s, 18 of the 23 first level 90s, a thousand-plus heroic 5-mans, and some of the best geared people in the world.

Tyranny crushed the launch of MoP with EIGHT of the server first Level 90s:

Fleckszilla - Hunter (Overall first 90 in Tyranny)
Reneecake - Priest
Dxe - Mage
Arij - Warrior
Oltanya - Druid
Frshovinstuf - Warlock
Mcgruvey - Shaman
Nyt - Monk

But beyond just those 8, Tyranny completely dominated the charts with 18 of the first 23 Level 90s on Shattered hand.

And it got better from there. In the largest logistical operation the guild ever launched over the course of the first week we ran over a thousand heroics, gearing up over 50 people (raiders, retired raiders, friends) at an unprecedented and highly horizontal rate.

The entire week we ran heroics all hours of the day, sometimes having as many as 4 groups chain running at 5am and 8 groups during primetime. It is a truly impressive site to see the guild so motivated and excited for the expansion to even run heroics when they didn't personally need gear to continue gearing the rest of the guild.

The result? Well see below. This is where our pre-raid work got us... with every possible advantage for week one of MoP Raiding! This is why Tyranny wins. Because we have conviction in what we're doing.