September 30, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Launch, World Bosses

Killing Alliance while doing bosses is our method of Anger Management

So this is a picture of us killing Sha of Anger the first time... pretty awesome because we did it so early the first week and had 50 people. But what happened next was even more amazing.

We killed Sha of Anger a lot week one to ensure everyone got to use their tokens as much as possible. And a lot of people got gear. Some (Laodead) even got two piece Tier 14 already! But it was our THIRD kill that was the most memorable.

It was during prime time, and we heard Sha of Anger was up. So in typical Tyranny fashion, we rallied the troops and brought over 40 people there to see that an Alliance pug was in the middle of an attempt.

And what do we do when we see Alliance attempting something? Standby and be chivalrous? Fuck now. We killed them of course.

So like Odin's Valkyries themselves, Tyranny descended from the sky and systematically destroyed the Alliance pug, all 40 of them. They wiped, Sha of Anger reset, and we went on to kill it ourselves while protecting ourselves from their revenge, losing no one in the process.

Moral of the story? So far Mists of Pandaria is absolutely fantastic, and the most exciting things in life are often unplanned. World PVP plus 40 man raid is positively fangasmic