2 Hours Later, Big Bird is No More

His terrorist ways are over! We're now 8/13M! Two new bosses down in one night! 3 in one lockout! Elmo's next!

With Socrethar behind us, we quickly turned our attention to Iskar. And what to say about him? There is a good way and a bad way to do him. We choose the good way, folks played very well, and and the boss died by 11:45pm EST.

Great job picking up a new encounter so fast. Iskar was very short, but very sweet.

That caps the raid week. Gorefiend, Socrethar and Iskar all went down. As we set our sights onto Fel Lord Zakkun, Xul and Tyrant, we're overall excited by the fights ahead of us! We're very excited about the opportunities to ranks scale we see ahead!

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